The first meeting of the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) Forum took place in November 2002 in Seoul, Korea. It was organized by the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission of Korea (formerly Korea Independent Commission Against Corruption, which was newly established in 2002), which sought to identify desirable roles for anti-corruption authorities and enhance policy capacity by learning from experiences of other countries. Since then, the ACA Forum has been held on a biennial basis.

The ACA Forum provides a venue for policy dialogue among the heads of anti-corruption agencies that have been leading collaborative efforts for the fight against corruption in the Asia-Pacific region.

It is aimed at promoting the exchange and cooperation among anti-corruption agencies in the region and seeking ways to strengthen the roles and enhance the anti-corruption capacities of those agencies.

The objectives of the ACA Forum include:

  1. to collaborate and perform joint actions at international discussions on major anti-corruption issues;
  2. to discuss issues of common interest regarding the implementation of international and regional anti-corruption conventions and agreements; and
  3. to enhance the anti-corruption capacities of anti-corruption agencies through exchange of the experiences and practices in relation to major anti-corruption policies and measures.

At the 3rd ACA Forum, which was held in Hong Kong on December 10, 2007, Forum members agreed that the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission of Korea should serve as the Secretariat for the Forum.

Currently, the Forum has eight member agencies:



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