Korea: ACRC Annual Report 2015

annual reports
27 July 2016
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Greetings from the Chairperson
Overview of the Year

Part 1. Promoting Cooperation
Chapter 1. Private-Public Partnership and Support for Ethical Business Management
Chapter 2. International Cooperation
Chapter 3. Public Relations for ACRC

Part 2. Stimulating Policy Communication with the People
Chapter 1. Operation of e-People
Chapter 2. Operation of 110 Government Call Center
Chapter 3. Policy Improvement through Complaint Analysis
Chatper 4. Reinforcement of Counseling for Civil Complaints

Part 3. Handling Complaints
Chapter 1. Overview of Complaint Handling
Chapter 2. Status of Complaint Handling
Chapter 3. Operation of On-Site Outreach Program
Chapter 4. Active Resolution of Public Conflicts, Grievances of Citizens’ Livelihoods, and Unreasonable Complaints
Chapter 5. Implementation of Policy Function for Prevention of Civil Complaints

Part 4. Fighting Corruption
Chapter 1. Establishment and Promotion of Anti-Corruption Policy
Chapter 2. Efforts for Voluntary Implementation of Anti-Corruption
Chapter 3. Protection and Reward of Whistleblowers and Operation of Code of Conduct for Public Officials
Chapter 4. Anti-Corruption Educational Training

Part 5. Adjudicating Administrative Appeals
Chapter 1. Operation of Administrative Appeals
Chpater 2. Achievements of the Central Administrative Appeals Commission
Chapter 3. Establishment of the Hub-system for Online Administrative Appeals

Part 6. Improving Laws & Regulations
Chapter 1. Overview of Institutional Improvement
Chapter 2. Key Examples of Institutional Improvements to Fight Corruption
Chapter 3. Key Examples of Institutional Improvement for Resolution of Civil Complaints


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